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Good Morning Antioch

About the Show

What is Good Morning Antioch?

Good Morning Antioch is a dystopian comedy podcast about a nearly derelict mining ship working for the MostEvil™️ company in the Galaxy.  The BannerflexCorporation is what you would get if a destructive mining company merged with a government weapons manufacturer then staged a hostile takeover of a souless media conglomerate.

As told through the morning announcements of the Media Liasion Cyborg MeLia0743, The crew faces real struggles of job unfulfillment, uncertain futures and their CEO trying to murder them in a Battle Bots style tournament.  Good Morning Antioch fans have compared it to Welcome To Nightvale and The Kirlian Freqency but you know, in Space!  

At it's heart, Antioch is a workplace comedy, but set so far in the future all companies are Supers Companies, bureaucracy can be fatal, and life is hilariously harsh. If you're a fan of absurd office comedy like Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell or Ugly Americans, then this is your new Cafanex-cooler conversation starter.

All episodes are Fully Transcribed with fun open-captioned Videos on our YouTube Channel

The show is produced by Mmm...Pie Productions. It stars Cherrae L. Stuart, Donald Chambers, Mark Terry and Joanna Teris. Original Music composed by Andrew Bertholf. Graphic design by C. Shawn.

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