Monday, January 8, 2018 11:42 PM

So how did we get here?  For a time, I found myself working for one of the most evil corporations in the Galaxy.  I won’t say which one,( you know, in case they want to buy the show)  But believe me when I say the callous disregard for the rank and file cubicle jockeys was the general norm.   I had an opportunity to completely turn on a dime. So, I jumped at it. But I always knew I’d do something with those crazy stories I’d accumulated over the years.

I found myself in New Orleans and there I began working with Studio 3incNew Orleans was Amazing, and so was the new job.   We made Props for Mardi Gras Floats, giant walking heads, Signs, mini-floats, theater flats, and movie props. 

I met so many wonderful talented artists and I felt like the big bites that had been taken out of my soul had grown back.  We would have massive awesome Halloween parties in our warehouse. And let me tell you, if you get a chance to check out a Studio 3 party it is lit.  After living and working in New Orleans for a few years, I felt my creative spark return, and I knew I wanted to do another project.  After a particularly wild Halloween Party I found this costume glove during clean up, and I knew I had to do something with it. 

I enlisted the help of some of the talented artists I met in New Orleans which I’ll cover in later posts, to help me with art direction and music.  So, now I had a what: Corporate Dystopia, and a where: In SPACE, but I needed to figure out the how.  

Having gone the web series route with my first show  Zoe & Chloe: Private Detectives, I wanted to try something new.  I’d been listening to a lot of podcasts and co-hosting an entertainment podcast with my friend and collaborator Donald Chambers (Perms Minglesnuffs, Charlie Flagg) I wanted the show to exist simultaneously as a Podcast and as a live action series.  The first season launched as a podcast with companion YouTube videos that included interactive graphics and transcriptions for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Some with visual gags and eventually little live action snippets, like the CEO of Happy Smile Corp, Walton Samuels in Episode 11.  Eventually transitioning the graphics into a fully live action show.  If you listen to Good Morning Antioch as a podcast.  You should check out the Video versions of each episode, and if you’ve only seen us on YouTube?  I really recommend checking out the Podcast, each version provides  a unique experience that can enhance the enjoyment of the other.

That just leaves us with the Why.  The why of it all.  

I have always been a science fiction junkie.  Some people are Star Wars nerds some are Star Trekkies,  I am definitely a lover of both.  Growing up, seeing women who looked like me in science fiction was rare.  Obviously, Nichelle Nichols from the Original Series comes to mind for most of us, but by the time I was coming up the show wasn’t on the air anymore.  In the mid 90’s  the standout  I can remember  was Whoopi Goldberg  as Guinan in Star Trek TNG showing up occasionally to give some sage advice, and that is it.  Then some years later seeing Angela Bassett in Strange Days, and then again in Supernova, gave me glimpses of something that could be.  My goal is for Good Morning Antioch to be exactly the kind of show that I’ve always wanted to be in as an actress, and exactly the kind of show I wished to see growing up.  And as the Science Fiction landscape is finally starting to regularly include people who look like me,  I am excited to be a part of that change.  I hope to be the Guinan for some nerdy kid out there who’s looking for that inspiration as we  continue to grow this universe for a long time to come.