Monday, February 5, 2018 3:10 AM

Creating the podcast, I knew the music and sound effects were gonna be crucial.  We didn’t want to use stock science fiction music, or effects.  I wanted all the music to be unique and original to the show.  Andrew Bertholf created a wonderful library for me of original tracks and stings that I could use however I saw fit for the show.  Sometimes he would send me a track that would inspire a storyline or commercial, or I would tell him an idea that would spark a sound.  

We found an easy symbiotic rhythm with my writing inspired by the music and his music inspired by my writing.  In fact, Andrew has been so inspired by the project, that he has produced a fun Album Trilogy of all original music, as his own stand-alone companion to the show, available now on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify .   

Here is Andrew in his own words on how he creates the unique sound for Good Morning Antioch.