Houmon Resources Cares about all Crewmembers of the B.M.S.S. Antioch.

Any and all questions and concerns can be filed in tripilicate with HR at

extension 4586758§∞bl68

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Strength in Unity      Stardate 1034636

*Everything is Perfect

*Rations Recall

*Medical Emergency Udate

*Profiles in Excellence

Eleventhtennial Release Special! Stardate 1034643

*Meet Our New CEO

*Eleventhtennial Release Program

We Are Our Work and Our Work Is Us Stardate 1034630


*Insurance Open Enrollment

*For Your Protection

*Lt. Charles Flagg Re-Morial

Sleep Is For The Weak Stardate 1034600

*Eleventhtenial: A look Back

*Medical Emergency

*Healthy and Delicious

*Profiles in Excellence

Productivity  is Life Stardate 1034588

*Happy Founders Day!

*New Sinage

*For Your Health

*Profiles in Excellence

The Weekly Worker