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Houmon Resources Cares about all Crewmembers of the B.M.S.S. Antioch.

Any and all questions and concerns can be filed in tripilicate with HR at

extension 4586758§∞bl68

FOUCS & Goals!








productivity is Life

This year we celebrate our company's founding!  

300 years ago Solomon Thurston Banner took the reins of the old Earthican Oil and Gas company DrillsAll Incorporated. This brave visionary was not satisfied with only the aquistion and distribution of fossil fuels and minerals, but he knew that the greatest resource the Galaxy would ever know is access to information.  

During the Great Truth Wars, the illustrous Banner was able to merge DrillsAll Incorporated with Info Corp.the planet's most prominent media corporation at the time.

Under his firm hand the Multimedia Energy Conglomerate grew strong enough to form its own system of government, eventually replacing all forms of governance planet wide, graciously providing our ancestors with their every need.

Under the velvet iron  leadership of the Banner family The Bannerflex Corporation has provided the Galaxy with steady employment opportunities for 14 generations. Today we salute their work ethic and commitment to its employees.  

There will be a Founder's day celebration broadcast live over Bannerflex space. And customary cake cubes will be available in Houmon Resources for all crewmembers.  Please check your inboxes for your staggered celebration appointments.

The B.M.S.S. Antioch was the first ship in the Bannerflex fleet to achieve nearly complete staffing autonomy.  Utilizing the practice of communal parentage and need-based breeding,. we've been able to sustain our ranks with minimal need for corporate oversight for nearly 75 years!

Way to go TEAM!

Distorbia Nebulae Red Alert Reminder:

*At approximately 13:25 we will be passing back through the Distorbia Nebulae. While technically harmless, the particular mixture of gasses does cause mild to moderate psychosis and severe hallucinations. Please be reminded that any murderous visions of the dead are simply that, VISIONS.  

*Please do not follow their instructions. Murder is still frowned upon aboard the Antioch.

This week is take children to work week.  This is not a request.  If you see any children, all crewmembers are required to grab them by the scruff of their necks and take them to your post. Show them your job, and train them well.  For after all, they will one day be your replacement.  

Congratulations to Belix Drixen. The youngest ratchet technician the Antioch as ever had!  At only 7 years old she's has proved to be a valuable contuibutor to the engineering workforce  for hopefully many decades to come.  




The Weekly Worker


For your Health!

New Sinage!



Marlafain Slug crossing signs are posted clearly on specific corridors of the Antioch.  

If you do not wish to slip in Marlafain slug slime, please heed the Slug Crossing signs that have been clearly posted.  

Marlafain Slugs, are valued and treasured members of the Antioch family.  

Slipping in slug slime and then complaining about it, is a direct violation of the Bannerflex Mining Corporation's anti-discrimination policy and will not be tolerated.  

Any violation of this policy will result in swift and brutal termination.  


Community Calender

U.D.A.C.P.P.O.P.E.C.A.N.F. INC., Manufacturers of high quality Bloatbeast and Bloatbeast favored drops, is proud to provide all ships in the Bannerflex fleet with this nutritious

manufactured meatlike substance. Bloatbeast is all natural lab created protein peptide chain blobuals that that are grown until they achieve minmal hopeful consiousness for the best flavor. We on the Antioch gives special thanks to Bannerflex for their care in choosing this healthy and delicious food alternative, for the wellbeaing of all.