STARDATE 1034630

Houmon Resources Cares about all Crewmembers of the B.M.S.S. Antioch.

Any and all questions and concerns can be filed in tripilicate with HR at

extension 4586758§∞bl68

FOUCS & Goals!








We are our work, and our work is us

Steven Pol-Depti-ZHUZZ head of Engineering would like to announce that Virtual reality bays 4 and 7 are currently out of order.  

They have been producing erratic pockets of actual reality, and they will be out of commission until Engineering can remove the 18th Century Earthican Clipper Ship has become lodged in the wall of Bay 7


Any reservations for Bays 4 and 7 can be rescheduled with Human resources Director Knockbleep Smith.  

The Antioch is the longest flying ship in the Bannerflex Fleet.  With our dedication to frugality,  and commitment to upkeep and revolutionary mesures of population control, we are the only ship to never need home office docking.  

This year we celebrate 150 years without a single decommission citation!

Houmon Resources is Excited to announce the  Historic Earthican Film Screening Series.  

Bannerflex Home Office in their infinite wisdom, will prodide valuable documentaries on ancient Earthican history.  Many of us aboard the Antioch can trace our lineage back to Earthican Houmans, so preserving our history is not only entertaining but important.

Our first film is the powerful Medical Documentary: Innerspace.

Screenings with be scheduled as the films are made available to us.

In the next 48 hours will be docking in sector 7G of the Jersiflay Asteroid field.  Our assignment here is hydrogen extraction.  Gas Extraction Teams are on point, with the Heavy Metal and Mineral Crews running background and  support.  

Please make  use you check the fire retardant layers on all uniforms and equipment.  

Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Lieutentant Charles Flagg.

Voted Antioch's most productive team member five years in a row,  none of us will ever forget where we were when the  deck 16 mining supply storage bay pressure door blew open flinging him into cold nothingness of space.

But thanks to the tracker in his belt we see that he's done over 27thousand mile's of deep space travel! Way to go Charlie!

The Re-Morial Service will be at 1300 hours Michelle Obama Communal Rec Area and Safe Space.

MeLia 0743 will observe a moment of productive silence for Charlie during today's announcement broadcast.  




The Weekly Worker


For your Protection!

Insurance Open enrollment!

Virtual Reality Bays under repairs!

For your protection against identity theft,  Bannerflex Home office has installed new retinal scanners, located next to the Biometric time clocks at every workstation.  

For those crewm members without "Eyes"  the Retinal scanners will be retrofitted to accomodate whatever ocular organ you posess, or DNA scanners to verify your identity, as needed.

Bannerflex is committed to keeping workers working.


Infermatrapp Interdimentional Limited.  Has announced the following changes to the Bannerflex Medical Policy.  

All toe replacements and/or reattachments will now be considered an elective cosmetic procedure and no longer covered under the Infermatrap Gold Comprehensive coverage package.  

The term “toe” in this instance refers to any and all non-essential lower appendages including but not limited to dew claws, lower dorsal fins and tentacular suction cups.  

The 24 hour insurance open enrollment period begins at 0850 tomorrow.  

If any Antioch Crew member would like to upgrade to the Platinum Comprehensive Package, please see HR and the remainder of your pay will be transferred via direct deposit to Infermatrapp.


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