Eleventhtennial Class of 43

STARDATE 1034643

Houmon Resources Cares about all Crewmembers of the B.M.S.S. Antioch.

Any and all questions and concerns can be filed in tripilicate with HR at

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FOUCS & Goals!





Eleventhtennial Release Special

*Next week is the Annual Eightyopoly Ceremony!  Where we release those crewmembers who have reached their 8Oth birthdays, and are no longer fit for active duty.  Please plan accordingly.

*If you were able to attend today's Eleventhtennial Ceremony, you must complete a double work shift by the end of the week, to compensate for the missed time.  

From now on, All Employees will be required to understand and be able to fill at least two separate and unrelated positions on the ship.

All Virtual Reality bays will be permanently re-programmed with mock work-stations to facilitate this Cross Training.



The Weekly Worker



Taking over the company from his father Solomon Thurston Banner the 13th just this past year, at  9years old Solomon is by far THE youngest CEO in Bannerflex History.

And certainly the most active.

After five previous unsuccessful attempts, young Solomon was finally able to murder his father Solomon Thurston Banner the 13th  with the ingeneous use of a poisoned insect drone.  Proving his intellegence, cunning and tenacity. True leadership qualities.

The murderous rites of succession has been a time honored tradition of the Bannerflex Corporation ever since Solomon the 3rd  was crushed under a tank by his Son in an unexpected coup.  

To Commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Bannerflex Corporation, Young Solomon has taken it upon himself to visit Each and every ship in the Fleet.  

This is the first on site visit from any representative of the Bannerflex Home Office in the 150 years since the launch of the Antioch, and we are  grateful to our Supreme leader for his presence.

And we are so lucky that his visit timed out perfectly with the Annual Release Ceremony.  Our most prestigious and important event!


Community Calender


Originally Established as an effort to conserve resources and stabilize the population of the BMSS ANTIOCH keeping us at a steady sustainable 10,000 strong., the annual Release is now one of the highlights of our year!

After much testing and riggerous training attempts, these younglings have been deemed apptitude free. As they can serve no purpose aboard the Antioch, these fortunate children will be released into the void of permanent and relaxing infinite space.  

They will get the vacation we all dream of.  Floating in the safe silent serenity of space.  

Each Child will walk up and receive a medal from Captain Jeremiah Reaser before taking (gender/species non specific pronoun's) place at the foot of the Ceremonial Airlock.  

The medals will be then be given to their DNA parents, before the release.

As per custom any crewmember with more than three medals will be retired from the  breeding program.

Meet our New CEO!

144th Eleventhtennial Class

Jules Brognorf

Meemer Drixxxen

Broxel Edwards

Hrall *click*

Michelle Krupsel

AxelRod Muldrake

Maaaaa Poplomovich

Kobiyashi Maru

Melanease Metatro

Pryiap Mohinder

Freges Nebbernican

Umagoo Richardson

Grubbles Richardson

Shanice Slupslime

Finnegan Zhang

Ever since the brutal assassination of very first Solomon Thurston Banner, the founder and Supreme

                     Leader of Bannerflex Corpation, by the Thangrian Royal Family over asteroid contract disputes, every Solomon Banner since has always traveled with a contingency of bodyguards, adding one for each generation.  Our current Solomon Banner travels with a contingency of 14 bodyguards!